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Disney / Universal Studios

Break Relief Sitters provides in-theme park nannies for our amazing families. We cater to children with special needs and those without. Our nannies are highly knowledgeable and adequately trained to handle those high energy, super excited kiddos.

Hotel & Chill

Knott's Berry Farm

Cruise Ships

Travel companions

We provide companions for children, persons with disabilities, the elderly, persons recovering from injury who have been cleared to fly by their MD. Persons with travel anxiety.

  • Escort you from departure airport to your destination.
  • Handle and coordinate airport check-in, luggage, wheelchair assistance, and boarding.
  • Retrieve luggage at baggage claim, help with customs forms, assist with connecting flights, and keep friends and families updated via preferred communication methods.

Prices vary depending on destination and what is required of the nanny. Home pick up, client’s needs etc. Call for a quote.

We provide exceptional, trusted, and responsible care during your travel. Our sitters are excellent at what they do and have years of experience to match. Let us help get you to your destination safely.


We provide nannies for families going on vacation for the entire trip or just as a companion to travel. Respite care while on vacation is what we specialize in. We offer services up to 24hours or a minimum of 4hours. These services include. (Meal prep, help with medication administration, grooming, companionship.

Ask about the packages listed below :

Home To Home

Our Home to Home Package  is exactly what the name suggests. A BreakRelief nanny will travel with you and your family from your home to the destination and back home. They will be there every step of the way to aide with whatever needs you might have. 

( Prices for this package varies, as it depends on your location, your needs, number of children etc.) However rest assured we will try to find the most affordable package for you at all times. 

Stay and Play

( Only available in Jamaica, some areas in California and Colorado, for now.) New locations to be added.
Our Stay and Play package is for families who would rather have a sitter meet them at their destination. The sitter would meet the family at the destination and stay with them throughout the entire vacation. This would include accommodation, food etc. They family would not have to cover flight from their departure city for their nannies. (Prices also depend on how many children are in the party and needs of the family). 

Play and Go

Our Play and Go Package is for families that require a sitter for a portion of their vacation. The sitter would be available for a specified activity or excursion and would leave the family upon completion of said activity. The PLAY AND GO OPTION would pair perfectly for families that only wants a sitter/nanny for a few hours, during the day or night. Ideal for a perfect date night, spa day or an adult only adventure. All families regardless of where you are staying can take advantage of this service. Hourly rate would apply. 

Jamaica stay Airbnb

A captivating and tranquil resting pad, packed with everything you need for a well deserved vacation.  A luxurious 1 bedroom and living room house, located in the safe gated community of Caribbean estate Portmore St. Catherine. You are provided with your very own access, kitchen and bathroom. A balcony that reveals a stunning view, which is also designed for the ultimate relaxation with family and friends.

Amenities include: A grill, patio chairs, mini bar (items available for purchase), a fire pit, stove, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, coffee pot and more.


Nanny Service while staying at our Airbnb.

Most importantly you can also book a Break relief Sitter/Nanny if you are traveling with family and feel you might want a little break to unwind on one of those nights.

Fees for nanny services in Jamaica for families staying at resorts, villas, Airbnb etc.



The Greet before the meet is our way of introducing families to their nannies before beginning their adventure.  

We understand that parents never stop being busy, even at home. That’s why we connect you virtually with nannies using any Video Conferencing App like Zoom etc.

Connect Virtually
Ease of Access

NOTE : Prices do not include airfare, accommodation, or meals for nannies/sitters. Families are expected to pay for the nanny’s transportation, meals and accommodation depending on the package chosen. This does not apply to Parks. Families are Not responsible for entrance to parks.