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Break Relief Sitters - Privacy Policy

You understand and agree that Break Relief Sitters is strictly a NON-MEDICAL service and does not purport or claim to provide any sort of medical advice, assistance, service, guarantee or insurance in conjunction with its Website, Application Services or Members’ actions, claims or intentions. Neither Break relief Sitters nor the Nanny’s/Sitters assume liability for, and are not making any claim which suggests that, the ability or intention of Break Relief Sitters or Nannies is to provide medical assistance of any sort to Travel, Theme Park Clients.

You understand and agree that Break Relief Sitters and Nannies provide only NON-MEDICAL assistance and that in the event of a medical situation or emergency the Travel companion or nanny, to the best of their ability will call 911 or for emergency assistance. You acknowledge and understand that Break Relief Sitters and Nannies are not expected, qualified or required to call 911, administer medication, first aid, CPR, or medical assistance of any kind, regardless of the existence of a life-threatening emergency. Break Relief Sitters, Nannies, Break Relief, its shareholders, employees or agents shall not be held liable for injury or death as a result of medical assistance rendered or not rendered, whether or not the Break Relief Travel Companion/Nanny is technically qualified to assist medically. 

Deposita deposit of half of the total amount of hours is required to finalize the booking process. This can be sent via Zelle, PayPal or use of a credit card. The remaining balance will be due on the first day of meet up.

CancellationCancellations made 20 days or more in advance of the booking date will receive a full refund of the deposit. Cancellations made less than 15 days of the booking date will not receive their deposit. 

 YOUR DATE AND TIME SLOTSince we get multiple requests for bookings, your date and time slots are secured for you and your party. You are responsible for paying for the full duration of the booking, even if you do not use all of the hours. If you are running late you are responsible for paying for your allotted time slot. Any time that goes 15+ minutes into the next hour you are responsible for paying for.

FEES: You are required to pay for any fees that come along with your desired service. This includes: resort parking, ticketed events such as Disney’s holiday parties and Universal Halloween Horror Nights, if you offer to purchase your nanny a meal, etc. You are not required to purchase meals/snacks for your Break Relief Sitter, however you can do so if you choose.

Theme Park Reservations:  We cannot guarantee park reservations. Annual Passholders can make up to 3 reservations, and we get multiple bookings a week. We will try our hardest to get a park reservation (which we usually are successful in) as we complete bookings. If we cannot get a park reservation, we will refund you your deposit via original method of payment. 

Extra Time/Holiday Hours: If you’d like extra time, you are more than welcome to ask your Break Relief nanny. Our nannies may have other obligations and have the right to refuse. If you’d like extra time it is best to email  and secure the extra hours. Holiday availability is upon request. There is a $25/hr up-charge when booking on a holiday. 


Use of the Break Relief Sitters and Nanny services platform, Website or Application Services, represents that you have read and understand this Release from Medical Liability Disclaimer, in its entirety, and that you acknowledge its entire final content.